Pacific Crest Trail (Oregon, Pt. Two)

Day 186-188 Mile 1983.7/ 3,620 ft.We zeroed a few times in Bend. We used the time to search for an apartment for after the trail and to simply relax. Day 189 Mile 2001.7/ 5,078 ft.We finally left. Hitching was difficult, but we made it just before dark to the trail. We hiked a bit and … Continue reading Pacific Crest Trail (Oregon, Pt. Two)


Pacific Crest Trail (Oregon, Pt. One)

Day 175 Mile 1719.2/ 1,976 ft.We woke up in Oregon this morning, a few miles past the border. After hiking maybe a dozen miles and realizing that we would be in Ashland nearly a day earlier than planned, Kate began to justify to me how we had earned not only one night in a room, … Continue reading Pacific Crest Trail (Oregon, Pt. One)